Jen at the Mic

Jennifer Losi

Supplying sound to the voices in your head.

What's new?

I'm the voice of the tutorials in PWND, a fast-paced rocket arena shooter in Early Access now on Steam. Hop on in and I'll boss you around teach you some moves!

What's slightly less new?

I'm the voice of Kitty Byte — technology reviews that are kitten-approved. Check 'em out!

Who is this Jen Losi person, anyway?

Growing up on a diet of Saturday morning cartoons, Broadway musicals, and computer games, it is a surprise to exactly no one that I ended up pursuing a career in voiceover. You can find me voicing little kids, big ideas, and the occasional spaceship.

I'm also a veteran video game producer and have done scratch VO (and even mocap) for nearly a dozen games. When I am not around mics or spreadsheets, I'm bringing friends to the Natural History Museum to hang out with the dinosaurs.

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